Day 27 – Don’t Call Me Shirley!

Day 27 – Don’t Call Me Shirley!

Today’s blog post is based around my excellent pun work with Helen as we left Bloomington and approached Shirley. In the last 4 miles my gags were wearing Helen down. She enjoyed the walk but tried to stay a few paces ahead so as not to have to listen to my slightly insane ramblings.

Walking The Old Road

At some places on Old Route 66 the old road road runs along side the newer one. Some towns have made this almost an outdoors museum about Route 66. When I walked through Towanda, they had an amazing stretch of road with information plaques and big signs for each state and where 66 runs through it. They also had a map of the USA painted on the floor showing where 66 runs.


After a quick word with the support crew they are now filming my every movement. I seem to talk more to the camera than I do to anyone else. This is great as I am becoming more natural in front of the camera. Hopefully when we edit all the footage everyone will see what this has been like. Trust me, I keep a lot of things out the blog to make sure I don’t make anyone feel too ill over their breakfast or lunch

1000 miles

Tomorrow I will hit 1000 miles. I can’t believe it. I am so excited and really can’t wait to cross that line. It will be a huge milestone and really make me feel like I am well on my way to completing this journey. I am getting the support crew to stop near the mark and we will cross the 1000 mile together. I can’t wait. Then only 2108 miles left to the end of Santa Monica Pier.

Global Following

Just a quick word to thank all the people who spend their time listening to my ramblings on the blog, from Ali, at the other end of the truck to James, out in Australia, who reads this on his train journey home. It is great to know people are following and supporting and please keep leaving comments, I know I don’t respond to many of them, for that I am sorry, but please be aware that I do read them and every message is a huge boost at times of need. Thank you to all of you reading this.


Jon Beeby
  • SamHarris
    Posted at 18:23h, 28 May

    Hey Beebs, its Sam- Helen’s little sis. Just to let you know we’re all reading this at home and think your doing a great job! Tell helen we miss her lots but also to stop moaning about stitches and blisters haha!

  • vickywilkins
    Posted at 10:45h, 31 May

    Beebs – I have been away in Guernsey and was actually missing reading you posts!! You seem to have had some good walking days xx