Day 21 – Those Magnificent Men & Their Flying Machines

Day 21 – Those Magnificent Men & Their Flying Machines

A tough day walking but a great day because of the people I met


We parked up last night in the middle of an Amish settlement, and I awoke this morning to the sound of horses trotting down the dusty roads. Quite idyllic really. Anyway when I left the RV the sun was just coming up behind the trees. The only issue I had this morning was that I was yawning a lot!. Today, Saturday, is usually my day off but due to the way it is working this week, with the support crew change around on Monday, I am just pushing through. So my body really didn’t like me today but I continued to try and walk the tiredness off.


As we stopped for lunch, we were asked what we were doing, due to us being parked on some private property, and this is where I met David Eby. He owns a fleet of planes that work  spraying crops ( in case anyone needs a fleet of crop dusters). It was absolutely fascinating, if I remember correctly they spray only 10 feet above the crop and at a speed of 160mph. That is a pretty cool job! Anyway he let me sit in his plane, the first cockpit I have ever sat in. It was a great start to the second half of the day.

The Guess Family

The last two legs were pretty hard today, once again the miles just didn’t seem to go away. I seemed to be walking for ages and making no headway. It is at times like the start of Leg 4 today  when I really realise that what I am doing is qute ridiculous. I was walking along another long straight road when I saw two young ladies at the end of a driveway selling Candy. When I mentioned I was heading to California on foot, their jaws dropped and one ran straight inside. As I headed off I was called after to see if I needed any water or food. I went back to explain what I was doing in more detail and they were all amazed, so I promised, as it had lifted my spirits, that I would put them in my blog. I don’t think people realise how much it means when they take an interest in what I am doing. It can really make the next couple of miles a lot easier. So my heartfelt thanks to the Guess family and their friends!


Who invented them and WHY? My legs are all lumpy as the Indiana mozzie population have taken a fair few chunks out of me!


Jon Beeby
  • Yvonnerawlingsjackson
    Posted at 12:10h, 22 May

    Mozzie or not well done day 21 Love auntie weewon x

  • Shaggie802002
    Posted at 23:41h, 25 May

    sorry about all the squitoes hope you have a great trip from the unger family (guess friends)