Day 16 – The Long And Not So Winding Road

Day 16 – The Long And Not So Winding Road

Well today has been a clincher of a day. I woke up to rain and I go to sleep to rain. The RV  has enough laundry for the cast of a West End show and we are parked where we shouldn’t be, in a Mexican restaurant’s car park, but hopefully they won’t notice!

The Rain

I know I shouldn’t complain, because when I get to the desert I am going to be praying for days like today but it was tough. I had about 1 foot of road to walk in and massive trucks coming past at about 60 MPH. It was pretty hairy at some points. Anyway the driving  rain continued but the roads got better.

The Roads

Well, I say the roads got better, by that I mean the condition of the roads got better. The roads themselves were a nightmare, they just seemed to go on and on into the distance! By the time you get to the horizon you turn a slight corner and again the road disappears into the mist. A positive is that I reached the end of the 303, a long hottible road, the downside was I sarted on the 20, another long horrible road! It must be the most depressing thing that has happened on this trip, soaking wet, rain coming sideways at me, the tail wind of trucks throwing me about like a rag-doll and roads that never end. Lets just say for the final two miles my emotions got the better of me. By the time I got to the RV I was done, I sat on the step into the RV and just contemplated exactly what I was doing!

Jon Beeby
  • vickywilkins
    Posted at 06:46h, 17 May

    your doing an amazing trip that you will remember plus it will be a good talking pint at dinner parties

  • Faye
    Posted at 09:47h, 17 May

    I am following you beebs! Does your mobile work there? You are doing a bloomin brilliant job! Stay smiley!

    Loads of love and keep taking care of yourself

    Faye xxxxx