Day 14 – 2nd Rest day

Day 14 – 2nd Rest day

We managed to stop last night in a bit of a dodgy spot! Late into the night there was a huge argument outside the RV! Not great for trying to get lots of sleep but not to worry. The only other thing was that when we got up  people were looking at us like we had two heads. So much so that as I made my way to the laundrette or, if you are an  American, laundromat I had to check that I was fully clothed!

It seemed that people in this part of Ohio definitely don’t like travelers. (Except for Jeff ,and his dog ‘Lucy’,  who kindly offered us water for the RV, sadly we didn’t have time to stop once I realised that I had some miles to make up, but thanks Jeff and ‘Lucy,’ of  Windham, Ohio, nonetheless)  So we got all our stuff washed, packed the RV and   headed off for my ‘day off’ 10 miles.

It is hot and very humid today, walking was not too much fun and when I checked the weather report we were due for another thunder storm. About 20 minutes after I had finished my 10 miles it threw it down with rain and as I write this I can hardly see the rest of the car park we are in.

We are going to Applebee’s again for dinner as I think I am going to be pretty busy trying to catch up the extra miles on our way to Chicago over the next 9 days and it is probably the last chance we will get.

I promise to try and keep my blogs up to date. Sorry to all who keep checking back to find nothing new on the site! Blogging is so much more time consuming than I had expected!

I have been blogging ever since I finished my 10 miles to get everything up to date and at 11.02pm my server seems to not want to allow me to upload any more photos, so apologies for the lack of photos on this blog.

Night, night everyone

Jon Beeby
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  • Yvonne haddow
    Posted at 11:02h, 15 May

    Well done and keep going x auntie weewon x