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Day 84 – There’s A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

By Jon in : News // Jul 24 2011

So this song is from Starlight Express. Whenever I think of this it reminds me of my School and University accomplice, Andy Mackay, who when he went to see the show as a child got his arm stuck in the hydraulic protection screens. Always makes me laugh.

Day Off

Well we seemed to have landed on our feet again. Susanne cooked us up a storm last night and breakfast this morning. Melodye took the guys to the farmers market and I just relaxed and swam and watched some stuff on YouTube. A nothing day really, but great before I take on the last 150 miles. Three and a half days to go! I can’t wait!

4 Miles

To get back on schedule I walked 4 miles this evening. Shaun came with me. It was really relaxing and we just spoke about ideas for films, some of our favorites and also potentials for new movies. Just a relaxing conversation to end the day. They have all gone off to watch Captain America, but I need to get my head down. Big last couple of days ahead. Don’t want to get complacent!