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Day 83 – Ba Da Da Da Da… I’m Lovin’ It

By Jon in : News // Jul 24 2011

Ok so title might not be a full song…but it makes sense!

Early Rise

I got up at 3.30 AM this morning and walked the first 5 miles by moonlight. It was quite strange as I don’t think I have done this before on the trip. It was very peaceful but the day ahead was going to be tough so I needed sometime to just chill out and have a relaxing first leg. The sun was up but it was still very cool when I got to the van. The atmosphere wasn’t great I think everyone was anxious for me and worried about water. The main thing I wanted was for everyone not to worry and just be normal…but as Shaun said, if I pass out then they have no way of telling until they think I am seriously late for my arrival time.

Some Great News

I got a phone call from my mum whilst I was eating breakfast to say that I was going to be contacted by a guy called Jonathan. He owned a house in Twenty nine Palms and we were more than welcome to stay there. They have a pool and also a house guest who was going to cook for us. This is something to walk faster for. I couldn’t wait to get there now. I wanted to talk to Jonathan and find out everything but it was still only about 7.30 AM. I guess that would have to wait. I set off on my second leg with a spring in my step and I think the crew were kind of relieved as well that we could have a night out of the RV.


At the end of my third leg the heat was getting stronger. It was going to be amazing getting into town. I got a message from Shaun that they were in McDonalds waiting for me. As i walked into town I saw a huge billboard for McDonalds new pineapple and mango smoothie, I knew what I was having when I got there. The last mile was tough, the thought of that Ice cold drink, the thought of air conditioning, the thought of civilization after all this time with no-one. What a great feeling walking in that door. I was through the desert and I was in the greatest American establishment! What a finish line. After this I completed my last 10 miles and we headed back to Jonathan’s house and met Susanne. She was lovely we also had dinner with Rick & Melodye, a great couple who we might see again on the pier on Wednesday.