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Day 80 – California

By Jon in : News // Jul 20 2011

Last full day in Arizona!

Getting Going

It is never nice getting up and already sweating. But it is so humid the van is like an oven. I got up and stood outside for a good 10 minutes trying to cool down, got ready and headed off. Today was going to hit 44 degrees and I needed to be ready for it. I started drinking water from the outset. I was on a truck route today so every 2-3 minutes I had to get off the road to let the truck go by.Not ideal but it can only last for a day or so I guess.

The Heat

It plays tricks on your mind. As maurice, my stepdad, said it would. I started watching my watch for every 10th of a mile. I couldn’t take my mind off the distance. Water heats up pretty quickly so by the end of a 5 mile stint, where I fill up, the water is hot. It isn’t that tasty but i know it is doing the job as i drank 12 liters of water at least today and went to the loo twice. It is amazing how your body copes…only two more days of the heat then we start dropping back into cooler climates.

Reduced miles

We found out that we could go swimming in the Colorado river which runs through Parker. I decided to drop my extra two miles so we could go for a swim and relax a bit after a ridiculously hot day. We headed into Parker and went for a quick swim in the river before getting some Ice creams and heading back to the start line. I think that breaks like this are important for morale but even more important for my core temperature. I am usually baking when I finish the day. It is ridiculous! Anyway we had a good evening, I am just waiting to have it ruined  by Helen and that stupid orange foam roller! JOY! Also we stopped at a convenience store that has the same name as one of my sponsors. I hope everyone at DWA likes this!