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Day 54 – Is This The Way To Amarillo?

By Jon in : News // Jun 24 2011

Peter Kay eat your heart out. I am within 42 miles of Amarillo and I am so excited to get there. Not only due to the song but it is the first city I will walk through in Texas.

It’s Back

The wind is blowing a gale again. This time it is full on and right in my face. I found that I just battled through the wind as I just wanted this day to be over. I paced out some good miles. Relatively, 18 mins is the slowest I like to do a mile in, 17 mins is my average, 16 is good and 15 is if everything is working perfectly. Today I was on 16.30 mins so pretty good considering the wind. I just pushed myself to the max as the faster I could get to Amarillo the sooner I would have my rest day. The Road into Amarillo was very long with nothing to look at so all I had to do was concentrate on the pace and get there! One thing I did notice was the effect of the drought. The map shows a lake, the reality as sand pit!


Chris came walking with me today. He decided to only do the final six as he was fully loaded with camera equipment and with the wind that would have been full on. We had a good talk and then I got into a bit of a philosophical debate about religion and people’s lives… I don’t think I let him talk for about 20 minutes. Anyway it was good to let off some steam just as we hit the city limits.


Ok, so this isn’t what I expected. the road we came in on, Amarillo Blvd, bring you in through the older more run down part of Amarillo. We met some pretty interesting characters on the way. Anyway we pressed on and after stopping in some pretty cool shops and talking to some local we arrived 40 minutes later than expected. We then headed down to the Hampton Inn as I decided that after a long week a nice nap in a hotel bed would do me well. Kirsty, the lady at the front desk was really nice and welcomed us to Texas and also told us to head to the Midnight Rodeo, a bar with real cowboys and country dancing. When we got there, i think i sat for about 15 minutes with my chin on the floor. It was incredible, Country music blaring, men in cowboy hats and some of the most incredible looking women, all with that incredibly sexy Texan accent. A dream come true. We stayed a while then my energy level dropped and we headed back to the hotel. I feel like I have experienced Texas now and I really want to come back.


2,691 Responses to "Day 54 – Is This The Way To Amarillo?"

  1. Nictindall June 25, 2011 5:09 am

    They do grow some beautiful women down there

  2. Vickywilkins June 25, 2011 9:20 am

    Were they daisy dukes??

  3. Roger Matson June 26, 2011 3:42 am

    JON, I have always heard that Texas grows everything bigger if you know what I mean. Daisy dukes and Dolly Parton have these in common. It is good to see that your blogs have been enventfull. Rog

  4. Thedudemoe June 27, 2011 10:03 am

    Missed the Amarillo bit and reversed!!  Sorry!  Hootin ‘n’ hollerin’ huh?
    They’e something else those Teaxan women!!   x