Day 34 – Feeling Hot

Day 34 – Feeling Hot

The temperature is starting to rise. It hit 38 degrees. Sorry this blog is late but yesterday seemed to have too many things to put into the hours we had. I am double blogging tonight (Day 35).

The Heat

Ali drove me back tot he start line and I set off at 6 AM. As the sun came up I could feel the heat in the air, more so I just have to look at my dad or Helen & Ali to gauge the heat. They are usually very hot and sweaty. I think when you are having to go out in the heat and keep moving, you just have to forget about it. I also think I am acclimatising. It really didn’t bother me too much, but it does make you more tired throughout the day.


The service road that follows the I-44 is a great road to walk and exactly how I imagined the roads would be as I crossed the US, but as I walk further and further down it the side of the road becomes non-existent. So much so that I actually got quite concerned. With the heat, Jen’s arrival and also an issue with my Garmin watch that set me back an hour, I felt myself not concentrating enough and when the road is that close to you, you have to be alert. I had some close shaves but nothing touched me. By the end of the 3rd leg, mile 32, I packed it in. For 8 miles it really wasn’t worth getting badly hurt.

Cold Shower

I decided to be the first to use the out door facilities of the RV. An ice cold shower was needed after the heat of the day and outside in full view of the I-44 was to be the location. Wow!! It was nice not having to be cramped into a very hot and sweaty RV. Just me, nature, the shower hose, a cameraman, a photographer and some shorts! So nice!


We drove back to St. Louis to pick Jen up from the Airport. It is so nice to see her. We just dropped her bags at the hotel and went out for the most amazing Sushi meal at the Drunken Fish in St. Louis. We spoke about her sailing, how we both are and my weight. She said it just doesn’t feel like me. That was strange and I can’t wait to put some fat back on. I have lost a lot of weight and only really realised it when I sat down for dinner on a wooden chair and it was really uncomfortable. Anyway we had a great evening out in St. Louis then got some much needed rest.

Jon Beeby
  • Jen James
    Posted at 05:46h, 06 June

    You forgot to mention that you could not eat the sushi as it made your lips burn!! Man up boy – your meant to be walking across america!!

  • Alicebeeby
    Posted at 02:58h, 10 June

    Nice comment Jen haha!! Hey Jon that shower photo looks like they’ve superimposed your head like that Jason Byrne poster Assmbley did for you birthday!!! That beard is ridiculously, you’re going to have a silly tan Mark ON YOUR FACE. Also I thought one of your sponsors was King of Shaves…..clearly you are not one of them!